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Sushi is served with What?

Sushi is served with WHAT?!

By: Hailey A.

Hey my friends! How is life so far? So this may be a bit off topic but I make it a point to express to my readers that you are beautiful and loved NO MATTER WHAT! So getting back on the title conveys...we are going to write about sushi today. But what exactly about sushi you may ask? Well, about what it can be served with. Yeah, may know the basics that usually wasabi and gari are served with sushi; but there are some different cool things also served with it my dudes. AND... the purposes of eating with these sides are crazy cool.

To begin with, let's start with the “basics¨. Wasabi looks like a green paste that is usually served in small portions. It may seem super innocent at first glance, but as your tongue gets one little taste of this bad boy, it's on fire! A cool fact about is it supposedly appetizing since your brain automatically connects it to delicious. Ever wondered why even though you know that it's super spicy and you will regret it once you've tasted it, you still try it again as if it's your first time...well mystery solved. Another basic is Gari. Gari is very thinly sliced from ginger and marinated in a sauce made out of sugar and vinegar. To me it looks like moist skin pieces...but this may be an unpopular opinion. Gari works the same as wasabi in the way that it deceives you. It has a kick to it that causes your sense to renew as you eat it. Fun are supposed to eat it after you finish a bit on sushi; not while you are eating sushi.

In addition, soy sauce and spicy mayo are two sides that sometimes are served with sushi, just depending on the location you go to. Soy sauce is a brown salty liquid that can repulse your taste buds if just eaten alone. Interesting fact about soy sauce is you are supposed to dip the sushi into it with the fish face down. This way rice does not get stuck or fall into the sauce. To me, I love eating sushi with spicy mayo. Spicy mayo is a mix of tangy and creamy. It has a kick of spiciness to it but not where it overpowers the taste of the sushi. The color of it is very pretty since it is like a pastel orange with little dots of red to it. It has the right amount of flavor for me to pair with any type of sushi.

Last but not least, the ones I have been waiting for...bamboo leafs and fish eggs. Now, you may be wondering to yourself, “Why do they need leafs and eggs for sushi?”. Well my friend, it's just for decoration purposes. The bamboo leaves are added just to make the plate have a bit more depth and structure. The eggs are just an extra taste and color to bring out the colors of inside the sushi. The upside to these two are the aesthetically pleasing pictures that are available to be taken with these two making them better.

Well friends, that's all for this blog folks. Hope you enjoyed as much as I enjoyed writing this (which was a lot btw). Have a great rest of your week and can’t wait to see what the next blog will be about :).

Pictures of what all of these ¨ sides ̈ look like

Wasabi, Gari & Soy Sauce

Spicy Mayo

Bamboo Leaf

Fish Eggs

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